Sunday, November 30, 2008

Idiot's Rights Movement?

I'm sure you've all heard of the recent killing of a Wal-Mart employee on Black Friday- trampled to death by violent and moronic shoppers at they stampeded into the store at 5 a.m.- and if you haven't, where the hell have you been? Go Google it.

The crowd also knocked over an injured a pregnant woman severely enough that she had to be taken to the hospital (I've heard that the rumor that she miscarried the baby was false.)Not only this, but when a medical team arrived to attempt to revive the dead employee, people took no notice of the body on the floor and continued to try to shove their way past, or make the living employees sell things to them.

And according to a local police spokesman,Wal-Mart could have, and should have, prevented this.

Huh? It's Wal-Mart's fault that these stampeders can't control themselves and act like adults, nay, like civilized humans? It's Wal-Mart's fault that it isn't physically possible to cram a store with enough armed guards to control 2,000 ethically challenged dolts? It's Wal-Mart's fault that something is seriously wrong with what looks like a sizable number of New York shoppers? Thanks for clearing that up, officer. I'm going to go try to rob a bank now, and if I manage to get away with any money, I'm going to sue that very bank for neglecting the public's safety.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

DIE, Paternalism, DIE!

Holy freaking God. Here's a full article on childhood artery trouble, if you wanna see it, but the only part of the article that really caught my eye was the final sentence,“The time has come to seriously deal with the issue of childhood obesity and physical inactivity on a governmental and parental level.”

GOVERNMENTAL LEVEL? Since when has the idea that the government should have anything to do people's personal lives become acceptable?

And things get even worse from there. A corporation in Alabama is now essentially fining any employees that are overweight- is this a joke?

It's a very basic concept of freedom, people- the powers that be should only have enough power to defend the country and jail the criminals, and beyond that, the people being governed shouldn't give an inch. The government is not here to monitor our health, or tell us how to eat- we have the right to be fat. Saddest of all, only one commentator on the latter article linked to above saw anything wrong with the plan for the simple fact that it violates individual rights. How creepy is that? It seems that all the fight and common sense has drained out of all the people involved in the writing of said article. Durg.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Money Grubbing

Want to aid the fight for freedom of speech? Ezra Levant and a host of other bloggers need monetary aid to help their defence against the latest charges brought against them by the Canadian Human Rights Commissions. I normally wouldn't post pleas for money like this, but the thing is I feel like I should be doing something to aggravate the HRCs in one way or another- ya know, put my money where my mouth is. Unfortunately, most people my age don't have ready access to credit cards in order to donate online, or the funds to back them up, for that matter. And while I seriously doubt that any great number of people will actually ever read this post, at least I'll FEEL like I'm doing something by putting it up.

Click here to read all about the case(s)- and to donate! The fascist bullies CAN be defeated enough freedom-loving people get angry enough!

At Least It's Causing a Backlash...

Even crazier-than-usual laws are being enforced by Al-Qaeda in Iraq as of the summer of this year.

Let me try and get this straight...

In the minds of these murderous fanatics, female goats must be clothed, vegetables are sexually attractive, and all things must be as they were during the time of the Prophet? And if goats go naked and the world advances, those goats must die and all modern things must be bombed? Has it occurred to these whack jobs that their own oft-used bombs and guns did not exist in the time of the Prophet? How do they get around the fact that THEY did not exist back then either?

Friday, November 7, 2008

Patriotism, The Republican Defeat, and Lots of Gesticulating

Watch this! Watch!

I'm not saying agree with everything this guy says in this video (mainly because I know next to nothing about the people he's talking about, and because I'm getting sick of overweening religiousness being associated with conservatives), but he does make some very good points- about America, about anti-Americanism, and why on Earth the alleged CONSERVATIVE party came up with John McCain (or George Bush, while we're on the subject) as a presidential nominee.

Also, he's pretty damn entertaining as a speaker.

Obligatory Post-Election Post

Well, America, you- at least more than half of you- voted for him, and come January we're stuck with him. I've got a bad feeling about this. I hope you prove me wrong, Obama.

No matter how good or bad of a President Obama will turn out to be, it's hard not to feel the smallest bit warm and fuzzy inside reading about those who have lived through Jim Crow and the Civil Rights movement and now the election of the first (partially) black President. I can still appreciate the historic value of this election - I get the strong feeling that 70 years from now, my grand children will ask what I can remember about this momentous event my young self witnessed, and I'll launch into a long, incoherent tirade about liberals and political correctness, ending with the hypothetical grandkids rolling their eyes and saying something about it being time for granny's nap.

And speaking of feeling warm and fuzzy and of momentous events, our first snow of the year is falling here in Iowa today. Well, the first sporadic damp flurries. I don't care. It's water. It's frozen. It's falling. Ranting Kid is happy.