Sunday, April 19, 2009

Gay Reparations

Yet another request for reparations.

At least this request for reparations makes slightly more sense than requests by modern Americans for slavery, seeing as how homosexuals alive today have actually experienced the grievance the author of the article wants payment for, even if it is something far less severe than slavery. But hey, if the government starts shelling out reparations for gays, someone should start lobbying for reparations for the descendants of Irish-American immigrants. Or German American immigrants. I could cash in on either on of those. Or reparations for all women! Even more cash for me. My forebears had their feelings REALLY REALLY hurt - I completely deserve at least a few grand.

More importantly, though, it seems somewhat disgusting to try and use hardships suffered by gays as a means of money-grubbing. The author of the article even admits is would probably be impossible to calculate the amount of wages lost due to job discrimination against homosexuals- so why not demand something more important, like equal rights in all public spheres, etc.? The author also states that a monthly check will never be ample compensation for the most severe discrimination suffered by some gays; still, ALL gays should get some money anyways. Oy. I also do not follow the my-neighbor-just-called-me-a-fag-therefore- Uncle-Sam-owes-me-money-for-some- reason logic at all.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another "What is Wrong With Europe?" Post

Another disgusting example of the whole defending-oneself-is-evil attitude, in this instance applied to a murder case. Of course, this whole thing occurred in Britain.

Family of father stabbed to death by three thugs is denied compensation... because he tried to fight back. And this is in a country that, according to the article, awarded a half million pounds to some typist who injured her thumb.

Make sure to check the least there are a few hearteningly sensible opinions to be found in there.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Hate" Speech

I came across a post earlier at this blog, which consisted partially of the age old young-people-these-days rant. Unfortunately, I completely agreed with the author's opinion of my generation's aversion to anything resembling conflict/disagreement/feelings besides those of wuv and chumminess. The author states at one point:

'Young people have never read, or even heard of, Mencken, for instance -- and would find the idea of looking for a "new" one utterly incomprehensible. Mencken was clearly a "hater." Menken (sic) was "mean." And "mean people suck."'

I have had it with wuv and fwiendship. I have had it with "Aw, you're just a hater" and "You need to stop hatin' on (insert offensive thing here)". People my age seem to use these phrases whenever someone states a freaking opinion of any sort. No, we do not need to stop 'hating'. People call others haters in an attempt to insult them, but I've never under stood why being deemed a hater was a bad thing. If things get any worse, I'll start considering it a compliment.

Society needs its chutzpah back - we do not need any more conflict-avoiding, debate-averse, appeasement-promoting, all-fighting-is-bad attitudes infecting the minds of our youth (debate is arguably the basis of democracy, people). Especially since our schools seems to be their damndest to spread these pernicious attitudes. Or at least in my personal elementary/middle school experience. And it's not as if I'm at all neurotic or paranoid when it comes to schools...