Saturday, September 27, 2008

We're Screwed '08: Abortion

Sigh. Election. Economy. Debates. Important stuff happening. Haven't posted since July. I should have plenty of material to rant on, no? Well, fine. I will. I'm usually to lazy to post after slogging through a few hours of homework, every day for six days a week, and after listening to the parental units railing about scumbag Obama and slimeball McCain and fatcats on Wall Street, but a recent pro-Obama flyer got me just angry enough to crank out a post. The flyer itself contained some call-to-arms along the lines of, "Vote for Obama- McCain wants to take away a woman's right to choose!"

I do NOT understand people who try to make abortion a feminist issue. In my opinion, abortion has nothing to do with women's rights. The decision to abort a child is not equivalent to making a decision about one's own body, as many pro-choicers will tell you; the kid which you have decided to off only happens to be stuck inside your abdomen for nine months out of its soon-to-be-ended life, poor thing. Having the government outlaw late-term abortions is not a symptom of a sexist society; seems to me to be more of a symptom of a society with a conscience, try to keep itself from totally sliding down the slippery slope.

As you might have guessed by now, the Ranting Kid is, at least 98% of the time, pro-life. Please don't call me a religious whack job, first and foremost because I am one of the most stark-ravingly atheist people I know, and secondly because the religious dingbats do occasionally make the right point for the wrong reasons. So in conclusion, Mr. Uber-Liberal Hope And Change And Yes We Can has lost yet another my hypothetical votes, leaving me all the more enraged that the only other option in the election is Mr.Beady-Eyed Pandering Liberal #2, a.k.a. McCain.

But you know what's really scary? The Ranting Kid has just realized she will be able to ACTUALLY vote come the next election. Damn! How do you adults choose between options like these?