Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Ravings

Last year I ranted on the subject of my own town's fun-crushing, illogical, anti-Halloween "Beggar's Night" tradition. It now saddens me to say that trick-or-treating not only still begins in broad daylight, ends at a 7:30 curfew, and rarely takes place on the actual Halloween Night, but that the local malls are now offering SUPER-SAFE-SANITIZED-JOYLESS-WELL-SUPERVISED "well-lit indoor" trick or treating. (Indoor? Well lit? On Halloween? That's just perverse.)

And in Canada, they're taking things even further! Apparently it is politically incorrect to even mention the word "Halloween" in some areas - and it just gets nuttier from there.

So this October 31st, I encourage all you revelers in less Puritanical towns than mine to have fun outdoors at least till the ungodly hour of 7:31, collect vast amounts of unhealthy goodies which may "conflict with some family's dietary habits", and, above all, have a happy HALLOWEEN, dammit.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thoughtcrime in Canada

Why won't those damn Human Rights Commissions in Canada just keel over and die? It's a sad commentary on Western society to note that they were ever created in the first place, but it seems they have crossed a new threshold of fascism recently.

Click here to read a full article detailing recent examples of Christian-silencing by the HRCs - but before you do, let me rant on one case that stood out in particular.

One Pastor Stephen Boissoin has had a case brought against himself for taking a traditional Christian stand on the controversial issue of homosexuality. I REALLY dislike the entire anti-gay standpoint, but I still respect Boissoin's right to express his opinion, even if it offends me. However;

The Alberta Human Rights Tribunal ordered the pastor to pay $7,000 in various fines, publicly apologize to homosexual activists for having offended them, cease all private and public communication concerning Biblical teaching on homosexuality, and refrain from any criticism of the government process to which he was subjected. Should Boissoin fail to abide by this ruling, he could face time in jail.

Holy Hell, people. Cease all public and private communication? Refrain from criticism of the government? Jail time? Seems as though the HRCs aren't even trying to hide it anymore...they are tyrants, pure and simple. How many freedoms that were once considered sacred in the West did they trample over in those few sentences?

Thursday, October 2, 2008

We're Screwed '08: Sarah Palin

I really don't know enough about Sarah Palin to have any strong opinion about her. But after watching this video clip of an interview with her, all I was able to think was, "My GOD... the woman's a buzzword-spouting thoughtless MORON"

Palin, you are the freaking governor of Alaska. There must be SOME brain-like material in your head capable of thinking of a coherent way to dodge questions which you have no good answer too.