Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I never really did like the policies of presidential hopeful Barack Obama, but now he has completely lost my hypothetical vote. Click here to see Obama's statements on the Jena 6 case. My response to this?

"What? How DARE he insult Rosa Parks like that!"

Monday, October 29, 2007

The Good, The Bad, and the Preggers

When my rents first dragged me out into the rural wilds of the Midwest, they did so partially because Iowa is famous for its good schools, and is generally considered to be one of the safer places in the country. For the first few years I was stuck here, Iowa did indeed uphold its stereotype; quiet, religious, and uneventful, if perhaps a bit sleazier than my Oregon hometown. It seems, though, that in the last few months our town has decided suddenly to drop the nice-clean-rural image.

During the summer two murders took place, and a few car robberies on our street this fall, but the bulk of the trouble seems to be coming from my high school. Since the beginning of this school year, several fights between students have taken place (during one of which a teacher was trampled), one student was arrested for attacking a teacher outright, and another was busted for selling meth within the school. The strange thing is that apparently none of the boys in my school are participating in any of this lawlessness; fist fights and drug dealing are handled by the ladies in this town, it seems. On top of all this, the number of teen pregnancies in town have suddenly spiked. There are at least two girls in my school that have already had children, and (I think) three or four girls that are presently pregnant. That may sound like a small number to some, but for this old fashioned place, the number is almost shocking. Plus, only a year ago, it seemed that no one our age was pregnant, and that for such a thing to happen was extremely rare. I witnessed the end of one of the recent scuffles, while the two scufflers were being dragged away. One was screaming at the other girl, "Whore! If you weren't pregnant I'd kick you in the stomach!" Ironically, the insult-thrower was, in fact, pregnant herself.

A friend of mine blames the influx of new kids from Chicago for the recent uprisings and baby-havings. Why this exodus from a city so much more....modern than our small, corn-choked town? Some blame the influx of illegal aliens and the gangs they bring with them into the big cities, claiming that said gangs start driving out the decent folk and the native gangsters, thus dumping new city kids of looser morals on this hickish little place. Instead of researching the truth value of this particular statement, I've decided this post on moral decay will be the lead-in to another, much longer-winded post on immigration, specifically illegal immigration from Mexico. To make this long, uncoming post short: The Ranting Kid is for controlled immigration. And not because of racial issues, ya hear, but because of LOGICAL reasoning. LOGIC, DAMN IT!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Jena 6

Most of you out there have probably heard of the Jena 6 by now. For those of you who haven't, the popular story the media is putting out about the Jena case goes something like this: After a black student in Jena, Louisiana, sat underneath a tree on his school grounds that white kids usually sat under, nooses were found hanging from that very tree the next day (This was in August of 2006) The (white) students responsible were only suspended briefly. Racial tensions flared in the small town, which was described as 'highly segregated' (by some reports I have read). In December of that year, six black students barricaded a school exit as they lay in wait for one Justin Barker, a white student. I have not found any explanation for why, exactly, he was attacked. Barker was knocked unconscious and beaten as he lay on the ground. The upshot of all this was a charge of attempted second degree murder for Barker's assailants. (Please note that this is an abbreviated version of a more complicated story)
This whole thing has now spawned a huge outcry, more than a year after those nooses were hung from that tree in Jena. The fact that the white noose-hangers were given such light punishment, the 'racist' locals, the heavy jail sentences for the black assailants, and the fact that they were tried by an all-white jury, has, for some, shone a spotlight on America's 'horrible race issues'.
Unfortunately, the story ain't really true. This article also sheds some light on the harsh sentencing in the Jena 6 case. (I would advise that you read these articles before condemning me as a racist bleep once you read the following).

Here we go. The pandering, the PC, and the anti-white are at it again. The more I look into this subject, the more it seems that all those people out there condemning the 'racist' authorities in Jena have only heard what the media has been telling them, and the media is really starting to make me sick. 'All-white jury'? Only because the black jury members never showed. The "Whites Only" tree? May not have been a 'white' hang out in any sense whatsoever. Yes, I know I only have two sites listed as evidence, but do some research on this topic yourself, and see what you turn up.
But what truly disturbs me is not the twisted story the reporters of this incident have put out, but what the average person online has to say about this case. A few minutes on Youtube provided many opinions from the ignorant, the scarily ignorant, and the disgustingly racist. Comments ranged from, "It's a black man's right to beat a white man" to "HANG THE N*GGERS!" One commenter even used the Duke rape case as evidence that race issues in the U.S were getting worse and worse.
The fact that Mychal Bell, the most famous of the Jena 6, was tried as an adult for the attempted murder of Barker does bother me, though. Barker was beaten, yes, but was well enough to attend a function the night after the attack took place. There is no evidence that Bell and the other five attackers were trying to kill Barker. The 17- year- old Bell was at one point facing up to 22 years in prison for attempted murder (The charges have since been reduced). Granted, he did have a past record of violent crime, but the original sentence certainly was harsh, and the bail definitely was steep.
It certainly is a mess down in Jena, but as it was with the Duke University case, some people out there seem absolutely delighted when it looks as if a white guy out there has done something racist, or if America itself is shown to be a place that is still oppressing its minorities. This growing anti-white trend often makes the Ranting Kid go red in the face and start raving about how no one can make any logical statements opposing such things as open borders or affirmative action with out being accused of being a racist....but, those are other rants.

"Happy" Halloween: What Is It With This Town?

Before jumping into the bigger issues I promised to cover in the last post, I first must rant about a subject closer to home. It's getting cold here in the Midwest; leaves are falling, pumpkins are grinning, and the candy is selling as we get ready for Halloween. Kids across the nation are looking forward to scampering about for hours after dark on the 31st of this month...but not in our particular Iowan small town.
Here, we do not celebrate Halloween, but instead uphold a bizarre tradition called "Beggar's Night". Beggar's night is the designated trick-or-treating night here, in a place where trick-or-treating cannot, and will not, take place on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays or Wednesdays, and also has a curfew beginning at 7:30 pm, before it even really gets dark out. I don't know exactly what happens if you get caught trick-or-treating after 7:30, but I've never seen anyone here try to stay out later that 7:20. When I ask the locals why Halloween festivities are so darn restricted, they tell me that trick-or-treating is not allowed on Wednesdays or Sundays because said days are religious, (Wednesday? Really? Why?)* and that, if children dared venture out on a Friday or Saturday, they would immediately be set upon by packs of homicidal college students, even though, during the rest of the week, the college kids seem pretty docile, and the children would be well away from the in the suburbs. As for the curfew? No one can say. You are free to stay out late on Beggar's night, so long as no one is slipping you candy.
This place has an extremely low crime rate, so I can't figure out what exactly is going on here. Killjoys on the city council? Bizarre religious traditions? Fear of witchcraft? If anyone out there has any explanation for Beggar's night and its weird customs, please enlighten me. Because this whole this is actually starting the get me really irritated. WHY? WHY?!?!

*And yes, Iowans, at least in our town, attend church on Wednesdays.

The Spawn Is Posting

For those of you that have heard of that little blog out there in cyber space, Alien Corn ... well, the seldom-mentioned 'daughter' of the authors has decided to start posting for herself. This opinionated spawn of a Florida cracker and a mid- Atlantic WASP will be ranting on such topics as immigration, what's wrong with today's schools, abortion, religion, racism and sexism, the mess abroad and the mess at home, etc, in an attempt to prove that there are some American teenagers out there with the vocab and the common sense to make a decent argument without resorting to propaganda and the abusing of our precious few swear words, damn it.